Monday, April 29, 2013

Celebrating Independent Dependency

On this Independence Day, “Buy 2 get 1 free” HURRY! All of a sudden, eruptions of sales, discounts and bonanzas especially on 15th of August sweep the Indian market. Who is celebrating with us? They are foreign “Multinationals”. There was a time when Britishers’ considered our country their golden bird and we collectively despised their unfair trade practices.
Earlier it was fair for them and unfair for us but now on the 63rd year of our Independence it is fair for both of us. So what exactly has changed? India was the biggest trading venture then, now it is the biggest partner.  What is the contrast? Earlier it was Britain extracting cheap raw materials and even now the situation appears similar when they do outsourcing for cheap labour. As it has become a bit fashionable to say “I work for a British multinational.” Rules have changed, power has been transferred, yet the business remains the same.
India and Britain share a historical association of over three centuries. And if we revisit history we can recall that there had been many movements associated with our Independence against the British colonial rule. One of them, which is very distinctly registered in our minds is the Non Co-operation Movement when our freedom fighters refused to buy British goods and promoted indigenous goods and tried to uphold the values of Indian honour and integrity. When Nehru gave the famous ‘Tryst with Destiny’ speech, declaring India’s independence, the whole country celebrated with great fervour. Even now we celebrate this historic event but the contrast is that Britain from whom we got our independence, is now celebrating with us. Someone has correctly said "History repeats itself” but if we look it in our Indian context, it will be like “History does repeat itself but with added flavours of Independent dependency.”


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