Sunday, October 12, 2014

When you search for sure like never before...

When you search for sure like never before? When you always wonder how? There were only few who stood behind an idea of truth, conviction, passion, resistance, innovation and freedom. Wherever you are, whenever you want and whatever it takes. You have the power to face the future.
Any idea or breakthrough that illuminated the entire world was defied at first place with resistance and outcry. Anything that is or was not regular was always looked down upon with suspicion. The suspicion arose from the doubt of self. When you overcome the suspicion of self, you rise and create. And you own what you create. The seed of creation originates from the soul. From that very spirit that every human being on earth is endowed with but few understand and apply.

When Columbus set his voyage towards India, he ended up being in North America. Had he ever given a thought of earth being flat, he would have ended falling off the cliff. Leonardo Da Vinci was the first person to have conceived the idea of how a working model of airplane can look like about centuries ago. Every idea generates in the art form first, science and technology comes later. The Wright Brothers churned that idea into reality. The impossible becomes possible. Buddha was a preacher of simple things like peace, non-violence and integrity. Born centuries ago, but the relevance of his teaching won’t ever die. It continued to inspire many great people like Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela and other unknown achievers. If world famous scientist, Thomas Alva Edison would have lost faith in himself then I wouldn't have been able to write an article with my bare eyes at night. Henry Ford, the inventor of the first commercial car once said “"If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses." Steve Jobs, who died recently due to pancreatic cancer, was one such person in the present world who achieved what he believed in. The aesthetics of the design and technology sparked the vision to carry forward the legacy of what we know as ‘Apple Inc’.

Every one of them voyaged towards their own freedom. So, when I talk of freedom, I mean to say that you breathe when you heart beats and with every beat goes a second or more. And every second you give yourself a death, when your thoughts acquire someone else's.  It’s quite an easy alternative to find when you can’t have your own thoughts. Whenever in life, you feel like you are lost and confused. Just start concentrating in the belief system that defines you. Start revolving around your own life. You are the star of your own life and others will always be like your planet. Caring too much about any relation destroys your own relationship with life. Share your emotions but never share your life. The dreams that you have about your own passion.  Any passion like a fire in your heart warms up the entire world.

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