Friday, February 5, 2016

The Song of Freedom

Silent cries of a bird
From a faraway land
Craving for freedom
And justice to be done
Her fraternity mocks
And humiliates
Neither does help come
Nor does anyone
So far and so forth
Adversity is what she faces
Captive for so long
She has even forgotten her song
One day few pious birds
Come to her and sing a song
A song about freedom
A song about what is right
And what is wrong
Enslaved bird gets inspired
Unshackles her Chain
And Starts her sojourn
To achieve her rights
To fly sky high
Takes months of struggle
And a lot of perspiration
Her sweat of hard work
Doesn’t go in vain
Although the pain was immense
Yet the road ahead was sheer bliss
She tasted her freedom at last
Flew away to define
Whenever anyone decides
To change her fate
All the forces of the universe
Come Along to pave the way.


Me said...

Nothing like some great writing about freedom. Makes me dream :)

Manish Singh Chauhan said...